IES Probationers of CES(Roads) cadre Call on Metro man Shri E. Shridharan

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The IES Probationes of CES(Roads) cadre of 2015 and 2016 batch called on Metro man Shri E. Sreedharan on January 30,2018 at Trivandrum during their field visit to Kerala. During the interaction he shared his seven decade long experience which enriched the young probationers with new energy.

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The event began with the welcome speech given by Shri Mahipal Singh, IES 2016 Batch. He briefly talked about the contributions of Shri E. Sreedharan in changing the face of public transport in India. He was then presented with a Memento by Shri Rakesh Meena, Asstt. Director, IAHE.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri E. Sreedharan congratulated all the probationers for successfully clearing Engineering Services Examination conducted by UPSC. He expressed his nostalgic feeling while remembering his career journey which began with the clearing of the same examination way back in 1953.He told the probationers to consider it not only as a rewarding and promising career option but also an excellent opportunity to serve the society and the country at large. Further, he asked the probationers to inculcate certain qualities which will help them succeed in their career.
The first and most important quality is to strive towards professional competence. He repeatedly stressed on the issue of learning being a life long continuous process. Professional competence help in getting out of the box solutions in challenging projects. The second quality is punctuality. It is a value that shows one’s respect for the time of others and also acts as a courtesy that individuals show to others. The best thing about punctuality is that it spreads across the hierarchies from superiors to subordinates. The third quality is integrity. It is a crown jewel on the character of any engineer. Its meaning is not limited only to honesty and absence of corruption but also includes development of a morally sound character. He asked every probationer to take a resolution not to succumb to any monetary or non-monetary temptations in the future. He further asked the future officers to never bother about 3Ps: Promotions, Postings and Praises. At the end of his speech, he expressed his pleasure for being able to interact with the probationers.

On behalf of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Indian Academy of Highway Engineers and the Probationers, Shri Prashant Mahajan(IES 2014 Batch) gave the vote of thanks to Shri E. Sreedharan for sharing his highly valued thoughts and vowed to implement these qualities and also help inculcate them in others so as to attain the greatest heights of professional excellence and success in their career.

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