Farewell to Superannuating Officers and Welcome of 64 newly appointed trainee officers on 31.01.2019

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The CES (Roads) Officers Association today bid farewell to the

  • Sh. Manoj Kumar, DG(RD)&SS (Retd.)
  • Sh. A K Nagpal, ADG (Retd.)
  • Sh. C Ekambaram, ADG (Retd.)
  • Sh. B N Singh, DG(RD)&SS (Superannuating)
  • Sh. A P Pathak, ADG (Superannuating)
  • Sh. Y V Prasad, SE(Retd.)

The Association also welcomed 64 nos. of trainee AEE officers into CES(Roads) Cadre on the occassion.

The program started with welcoming Hon’ble Minister of State Sh. Mansukh L Mandaviya, Sh. Yudhvir Singh Malik, Secretary (RT&H),  the superannuating and superannuated CES (Roads) officers, Sh. Sanjeev Ranjan, Chairman, NHAI, Sh. N N Sinha, MD, NHIDCL.

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Recognisigng the contribution of the superannuating and superannuated CES(Roads) officers, CES(Roads) Association  felicitated them with shawl and memento. Association also felicited Hon’ble MOS, Chairman NHAI, MD, NHIDCL.

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Adressing the present officers, Sh. Ashwani Kumar, Vice President of the Association highlighted the service profile of the superannuating and superannuated CES(Roads) officers. He also highlighted the contribution in various areas, be it NH development, the domain area, personalised focus in the individuals of the Cadre officers. Speaking on the occassion, contribution of Sh. A K Nagpal in bring the NHDP-IV zone of the MInistry reaching to almost 40% of the total NHDP works during FY 2015-16 was specially recognised and appreciated. 

Sh. Ashwani Kumar also appreciated the concerted effort of the MoRT&H administration led by Secretary (RT&H) along with Ms. Leena Nandan, Additional Secretary, MoRT&H, SH. Kamlesh Chaturwedi, Joint Secretary, Administration, Sh. Rajesh Gupta, Deputy Secretary, Establishment, Sh. Kamal Prakash, Under Secretary, E-II, Sh. Rajeev Nayan, Section Officer, E-II along with other officials and staff, in taking up the timely promotion of the CES (Roads) Cadre officers.

During the inaugural speech, the administration of the MoRT&H was especially appreciated for taking up the matter of deputation post in NHAI/NHIDCL  and further, it was requested to the Secretary (RT&H) for implementating the said order for all posts at NHAI.

During  his speech, Sh. Manoj Kumar, DG(RD)&SS (Retd.) shared his experience and his positive aspect into taking up any matter brought to him. He appreciated the efforts of the association for taking up the service matter of all at appropriate levels. He extended his best wishes to the serving officers and requested to take special effort to consider doing the works brought to them positively and to look around how a particular work could be dealt with giving the result.

Sh. A K Nagpal, ADG (Retd.) and Sh. C Ekambaram (ADG (Retd.), however, could not join farewell ceremony due to their unevitable earlier engagements.

The program was followed by address of Sh. B N Singh, DG(RD)&SS (Superannuating). Sh. B N Singh remembered the officers under whom he started his career and progressed thereafter, especially remembering late Sh. V K Sinha. Addressing to the young officers, he highlighted the importance of reading and thinking at early morning  about the works of the day before reaching office and also remembered how this habit shaped him over the time. 

Sh. A P Pathak, ADG (Superannuating) in his farewell speech shared his rich experience gained not only in the highways sector, but also working across the various Ministries over his service life. He highlighted how serving the poor enrich one’s thought process and on the personality development. He further remembered and focussed on the time punctuality. The strategy of getting the work  done positively , was also shared with the serving officers.

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Speaking as the President of the CES (Roads) Officers Association, he further highlighted the preferences getting better for the Cadre among the ESE aspirants. For the fruitful utilisation of the officers in the NH development, NHAI was requested to consider providing the better working opportunity to the Cadre officers on deputatation. Hon’ble Minister (RT&H) and Secratary (RT&H) was requested to consider having more challenging NH works get done through the Ministry’s ROs, PWDs. He further appreciated the timely promotion matter. Sh. A P Pathak further remembered Sh. V Patankar, DG(RD)&SS  (Retd.) in personally focussing for personal and professional development.

Sh. Y V Prasad, SE(Retd.) extended his thanks to the Association for organising such a organised farewell cum welcome cermonly. The work experience was also shared by him.

Sh. Sanjeev Ranjan, Chairman, NHAI recognising the contribution of the CES (Roads) Cadre officers appreciated the positive attitude of the cadre officers in getting the works done in Ministry as well as in NHAI as he has observed during his tenure in Ministry earlier as AS&FA and now as Chairman NHAI.

Sh. Yudhvir Singh Malik, Secretary, M/oRTH, addressing the officers remebered the contribution of Sh. Manoj Kumar, Retd. DG(RD)&SS and working with Sh. B N Singh, Superannuating DG(RD)&SS. He especially appreciated 360 degree working of Sh. A P Pathak,  Superannuating ADG. Regarding the timely promotion of the CES (Roads) cadre, he emphaised on the close working of the CES (Roads) Cadre Office Bearers and administration for getting the promotion and other service related matters.
Highlighting the training of the trainee officers, he made aware the change in the structure of the training module. He emphasied on the constituion of the teams of 3 officers each going on field attachemetn to get hold of better field exposure and submission of the overall report on the individual ongoing NH projects in order to better understanding of the NH works followed by documentation and presentation on the same.
He further highlighted bring into EE headed PIUs for the NH works. He wished best wishes to the superannuating officers and welcomed young trainee officers.
The ceremony was further graced by address of Hon’ble Minister of State (RT&H, C&F) Sh. Mansukh L. Mandaviya. He welcomed all officers present. Hon’ble Minister said that the senior officer itself becomes a institution itself under which the junior officer learns at the best capacity. He requested the retiring officers not to get retired by heart and remain active contributing the nation with their utmost capacity. 
Hon’ble Minister gave tip to the recently recruited trainee officers and asked them never to get satisfied in order to continuously getting achievements over the time. The works getting done shall never be considered small and shall be done with committement and dedication, which shall mark the presence of the individual officers, in order to make bring the nation into more faster pace of development. 
He aspired the IAHE to become world class training institute where the officers, serving engineers all across the world shall come for training over the coming years and IAHE be recongnised across the world.
Many retired CES(Roads) Officers also graced the cermony by making themself present on the occassion despite their busy schedule. Representing the retired officers, Sh. G Sharan, DG9RD)&SS (Retd.) remembered development of the NHAI and contribution of the Sh. B N Singh. The result oriented working of the officials was specially highlighted.
The ceremony was graced by the presence of Sh. N N Sinha, MD, NHIDCL, Member, (Finance), NHAI,  JS(MVL), Director (Finance), NHIDCL, DS(Estt.).

The trainee officers, recruited through UPSC ESE 2017, joined on July 2018 and undergoing their foundation training since then at IAHE Noida were welcomed by the Association. The Secretary (RT&H) highlighted the changes made in the training module including the recently introduced foreign training aspect. The cheers made the environment so lively.

Sh. Ankit and Ms. Vinny Manocha, both trainee AEE, spoke about their training aspect and made aware the recent preference of the ESE aspirants for the CES (Roads) Cadre along with seeking better career opportunity for them in the development and maintenance of the National Highways.

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On the occassion, Officers from all across the country made their presence.

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The Association appreciates the superannuating and superannuated CES(Roads) Cadre officers and wishes them a cheerful lively and healthy retired life.

The Association extends hearty welcome to the 64 trainee officers into CES(Roads) Cadre.

The Association further thank all the officers present in the Farewell cum welcome ceremony.

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