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The list and details of National Highways (NHs) in India as on 30.09.2017 is as under:-
NH List & Details as on 30.09.2017

Numbering of the NHs

1. All the Highways running North – South will be even numbered. Old NH7 is now NH44

2. All the Highways running East – West will be odd numbered.

3. All major NHs will be two-digited and will increase as one moves North to South and East to West.

4. Off-shoots from these major highways will be three-digited.
144 is an off shoot to NH 44 somewhere in North. 644 a bit further south.

5. Further Off-Shoots will be Suffixed with an alphabet A,B,C etc., 144B will be on the first off-shoot from NH44.