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National Highway Interconnectivity Improvement Programme (NHIIP) under proposed World Bank Loan Assistance

            About 1,120 km length of NHs are to be improved to 2-lane NH standards following corridor development approach under the World Bank Loan Assistance in Phase-I.  DPR preparation for all 11 stretches in Phase- I has been completed and all 15 Contracts have been already awarded.  It is envisaged Loan Agreement for Phase-I (1,120 km under first tranches of Loan Assistance of US$ 500 Million) was signed with World Bank on 1 July, 2014.

For the proposed execution of projects under World Bank Loan Assistance as mentioned above, the cost of LA and utility shifting are to be borne by the Government of India as per the policy of the World Bank. At the end of December, 2015, all 15 projects awarded, at award cost of Rs 4,554 crore. Till November, 2017, 730 km of length has been completed.