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Special Accelerated Road Development Programme for North-Eastern region (SARDP-NE)

The scheme has been envisaged to be taken up under three parts as under:

Phase ‘A’ of SARDP-NE approved by the Government envisages improvement of about 4,099 km length of roads (3,014 km of NH and 1,085 km of State roads).  Out of these, 3,213 km roads has been approved for execution and balance 886 km has been approved ‘In-Principle’. Till October, 2017, 3,215 km of length has been awarded and 1,696 km of road has been completed. The SARDP-NE Phase ‘A’ is expected to be completed by March, 2021.

Phase ‘B’ of SARDP-NE, covers 3,723 km (2,210 km NHs and 1,513 km of State roads) of road. Phase ‘B’ SARDP-NE shall be taken up after completion of Phase ‘A’.

Arunachal Pradesh Package:  The Arunachal Pradesh Package for Road & Highways involving development of about 2,319 km length of road (2,205 km of NHs & 114 km of State / General Staff / Strategic Roads) has also been approved by the Government. Projects on 776 km are to be taken up on BOT (Annuity) mode and the remaining are to be developed on EPC mode / Item Rate Contract as per Ministry’s extant policy. Till October, 2017, projects of 2,047 km length have been awarded and 687 km of road has been completed. The entire Arunachal Pradesh package is targeted for completion by March, 2021.