Transfer Orders

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Cadre Review-CES Roads_Office order dated 29.03.2017

Zone Restructuring 12.10.2017

Zone Restructuring_12.10.2017

Transfer order_18.10.2017

ADG additional charge 16.03.2018

ADG Additional charge.jpeg

Transfer order dated 05.04.2018

  • Within Ministry

within Ministry.jpg

  • To NHAI




  • Trainees to MinistryTrainees to Ministry.jpg
  • Transfer order AEEs, EEs and retention of EEs

Retaining earlier posting_19.04.2018.jpeg

Transfer AEEs, Es_19.04.2018.jpeg

Transfer/Posting order dated 08.06.2018

08.06.2018_CE transfer posting plus few more officers

Transfer/Posting order dated 19.06.2018

Transfer order 19.06.2016

Deputation posts in NHAI, NHIDCL for CES Roads officers_21.08.2018